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Hause Machines is an American machine tool builder specializing in Engineered Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence, located in northwest Ohio. Since 1933 we’ve been supply solutions to machine builders and production facilities.  Today, we supply to over 900 companies worldwide.

Our engineers specialize in designing custom yet affordable machining components and machines to produce your products at the rate you need with the quality you demand. 

Our Services include:

Self-Feed Drill Units                                                                                                                           

Center Spindle Lathe                                 Tap Units

Drilling / Tapping Machines                         Servo Ballscrew Drills

Turret style VMC’s                                         Programmable drill-tap units

Dial Index Machine                                      Multiple spindle heads

Slide Machines                                          Indexers

Trunnion Machines                                    Hydraulic slides

Untooled Machines                                    Block Spindles

The Literature Section contains the brochures and flyers on all of our various products for machine builders, end users, and sample applications.

If you want peace of mind that your machine tools are running smoother and faster than your competition, please contact us, and our engineering group will design and build a system to meet your production needs.