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Special Purpose Machines Designed to Produce

Special Purpose Machines No matter what your machining needs, Hause has the solution for you. Having designed and built more than 1,300 special purpose machines, programmable machines, special machine components and specialized machine tools over a span of decades, we can bring our depth of experience to bear in designing and building a special machine to satisfy your specific needs.

Each completely tooled machine we build is set up and run in an actual production situation. Each machine is run off in our plant to your satisfaction. From concept to delivery, you'll find that our lead times are shorter than typically found in the industry, and that our pricing is very competitive.

Our special tooled machines incorporate the standard basic machine features plus:

  • Fixtures mounted and aligned
  • Tools and tool holders
  • Set up and try out to your satisfaction

Over the years Hause has produced many different types of special machines, including:

  • Single station machines
  • Slide machines/shuttle machines
  • Dial index machines
  • Trunnion machines
  • Basic untooled machines
  • Retro fit machines


Hause engineers have years of automation expertise that they put to use in fulfilling your specific requirements. Whether the need is for a simple automatic magazine-loaded part, a magazine-fed pick-and-place system or a complete robot interface and load set up, we've got it covered.


Hause can fixture your toughest part. Our fixtures range in complexity from a very basic hand-clamped fixture to sophisticated air or hydraulic-clamped fixtures. We can also design and fabricate a wide range of special fixturing for your existing machines.

Hause Systems and Components

  • Built to customer specifications
  • Utilize any brand of components
  • Set up and try out on our floor and yours
  • Qualified service and system technicians
  • Servo and CNC controls
  • Adherence to all safety regulations
  • Shielding from splash to dry floor
  • Machines painted to your color specs

All Hause machines have a (1) year minimum warranty.