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Hause Basic Machines-Designed
to help keep you competitive.
Hause Basic Machines have been engineered to provide machine builders with a way to cut lead time and construction costs without sacrificing quality or flexibility. Each basic model is delivered ready for your tooling and fixtures. This includes proven Hause air-hydraulic or hydraulic units with all necessary drives and controls, a programmable controller, coolant system, base and risers when required, all hydraulic or pneumatic components, plus wiring and piping. The three standard designs and table sizes will accept a wide variety of part sizes and shapes.

Now, even a one-of-a-kind machine
can take advantage of standard designs and components.

Contact your Hause Representative or our Engineering Department to find out more about how we’re working to help keep you competitive.

Two Model No. 2497 air-hydraulic units, 4” stroke with depth control limit switches, 680 lbs. thrust at 80 PSI air, input pressure 50 to 150 PSI, 1-1/16 adjustable adaptor spindles, 600 in. lbs. torque capacity, 2 HP 230/460 Volt 3 phase motors, in-line shaft drive assembly, five step pulleys and belts for 830, 1330, 1750, 2270, and 3650 RPM, overhead belt housing, full retract interlock limit switch, single solenoid cycle control valve with manual actuator.

Hause 13” x 72” base with full length keyway, 3 point mounting suspension and full pan. Drilled and tapped full length for Holomatic clamping strips. (Clamping strips included.)

Electric System
NEMA 12 enclosure, fused disconnect, transformer for 110 Volt A.C. controls, 3 motor starters (units and coolant pump) operator controls, Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000 programmable controller with program installed on E² prom for automatic and manual cycle control of Holomatics and clamp.

Air Power System
Filter, regulator, lubrication units and double solenoid cycle control valve for air powered fixture/clamp (not included) are mounted and piped including flexible air line connections to units.

Coolant System
Pump, motor, tank unit (21 gal. tank) piped to base top with stands, shutoff valves, and flexible coolant nozzles.

Service and operators manuals including complete electrical prints.

Crated on Skids for Shipment

Horizontal Double End Air-Hydraulic