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Engineering and Design at Hause

Hause Machines takes pride in its engineering and design capabilities. Whether you are looking for a base design, power feed unit or other components or systems, risers, columns, multiple spindle heads, fixtures or other workholding systems, our professional engineering group can help you build a system to meet your production needs.

Our staff of experienced engineers can draw from a wide range of proven solutions or incorporate the newest technologies to help solve problems and increase productivity. Our engineering staff also includes electrical engineers who can assist you with electric designs ranging from simple controls to full CNC control systems with integrated hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Engineered for the Future

The quality and versatility of our products are the result of an accumulation of experience and knowledge of our customers' needs. For example, space and stress limitations have been overcome with such patented features in our units as our coaxial construction for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
This commitment to uncompromised engineering continues as new products are developed to meet current and future needs. It is these new ideas and concepts that will help maintain our customers' ability to stay competitive in the years to come.