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How To Specify And Code Hause Units Hause Machines is pleased to provide you this catalog of their power feed unit line.

The catalog is sectioned in two ways:

  • Black Titled Pages – fully customizable units with English dimensions
  • Red Titled Pages – standard “off the shelf” type units with Metric dimensions

Second, the units are sectioned by feed type:

  • Pneumatic
  • Air Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic
  • Lead Screw

You will find that the larger you go in horsepower and thrust requirements, the deeper into the catalog you will go.

Additional pages cover the “Add-Ons” for the English units like the spindles, drives, belts/pulleys, motors, belt housings, and “Specials” pages for adaptations like bearing supports, slide supports and dual feed manifolds, as examples.

Pages are supplied for the spindle choices on the Metric units as well, with referenced models which apply to each spindle listed.

The last several pages give detailed technical specifications to figure drilling thrust, torque and horsepower, along with general guidelines for speeds and feeds.

In order to specify the appropriate unit for the application, it is best to determine your needs in the following manner. (If assistance is required, please contact Hause Machines and a sales person will assist you in specifying the correct unit for your needs.)

After completion of this short exercise, you will be able to use the catalog and customize your unit on the “order form”.

Following is an example:

 Model Spindle Drive Belt/Pulley Motor Belt Housing Special


Worksheets are supplied for your use. We suggest using them with an application or two, which will be a quick reminder next time you need to order a unit.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact Hause Machines Sales Department. A staff member will be happy to assist you in selecting the unit best suited to your application.


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