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Maintenance Procedures for Hause Air Hydraulic Power Feed Units (Models "A" and "J")




Spindle Condition of bearings. Test for proper adjustment - by hand. Replace bearings or remove assembly for adjustment of nut (apply small preload with nut) by hand.
Dry bearing resulting from excessive coolant wash or excessive high-speed. 12 months re-lubrication interval may extend life. (Push bearing spacer to one side. Fill cavity between bearings and spline tube with grease.)
Drive Shaft Bearings - same as spindle spline. No adjustment - tolerate some looseness.12 months re-lubrication may extend life. (Same procedure as for spindle.)
Air Line Lubricator Adequate oil consumption must be apparent after 5000 Holomatic cycles. Adjust according to manufacturer's instructions.
Belted Drives Belts - check for noise and wear. Replace worn belts and/or tighten.
Pulleys - should be tight run concentric. Retighten pulleys on shafts.
Gear reductions - look for oil leaks. Repair or replace. Lubricate per manual instruction.
Listen for increased noise level from gears and bearings. Replace and/or lubricate.

Download Maintenance Procedures.

If a breakdown occurs, our additional TROUBLESHOOTING AIDS may be helpful.

This information applies specifically to air hydraulic, "A" and "J" models. Service manuals also cover most phases of repair work on these.

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