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 Model 6629 Servo Hydraulic Unit
Model 6629 Servo Hydraulic Unit
Power Feed Units      

Quill Feed Units for Manufacturing

Hause Machines offers power feed units for a variety of machining applications including: drilling, reaming, tapping, threading, facing, chamfering, thread rolling, boring and counterboring. Machined materials include steel, aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, wood, plastics, glass and a range of others. Extensive testing assures customers many years of high-quality machining and trouble-free unit life.

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Pneumatic Drilling Units     

Front and rear spindle bearings give these drilling units extra support. These are long-lived, low-cost, off-the-shelf drilling units with a (1) year full warranty.

  • Model FD 55-80 Pneumatic Drilling Unit
    Model FD 55-80 Pneumatic Drilling Unit
    High Speed Drilling
  • Small Diameter Holes
  • Optional Spindle RPM
  • Optional Spindle noses
  • 1" or 2" feed stroke
  • Up to 4" total stroke
  • Various motor mounting configurations
  • Up to 2 HP
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Air Hydraulic Drilling Units     

 Model 2427 Air Hydraulic Unit
Model 2427 Air Hydraulic Unit
Fully customizable end-working units can be used in almost any application. Thousands of options including dual feed for drill-tapping or drill-reaming, skip feed, retract feed, spindle support for heavy tools, gear reductions and yoke operators. These are the highest quality power feed units and come complete with a (5) year limited warranty.

  • Up to 7500 RPM
  • Pressure Compensating Feed Valves
  • Positive stop is concentric to spindle centerline
  • 0" to 10" stroke and 0" to 10" of feed
  • Digital readout stroke control
  • Rapid advance and retract available
  • Up to 5 HP
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Hydraulic Drilling Units

Model 6615 with support
Model 6615 with support
Heavy-duty power feed units rugged enough to withstand the harshest of environments. These units are available with high-torque spindles and use hydraulic thrust for the most demanding of applications.

  • High RPM applications available
  • Pressure Compensating Feed Valves available in certain models
  • Up to 10" of stroke
  • Digital readout stroke control available in certain models
  • Up to 10 HP (application dependent)
  • Various off-the-shelf units available with various spindle and motor mounting configurations
  • Fully customizable units available with a wide variety of options including gear reductions, dual feed, multi-spindle head adaptations and a (5) year limited warranty
  • Servo hydraulic quill units available with AC, DC or servo controlled spindle motors available

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Lead Screw Tapping Units

Model 3496 Lead Screw Unit
Model 3496 Lead Screw Unit
Off-the-shelf units range up to 2" diameter tapping in steel. These units can run either vertical or horizontal, and a (1) year warranty is available. Fully customizable units have easily changed lead screws, step-pulleys and gear reductions options. A 5-year limited warranty is available.

  • Standard and High-torque models available
  • High Precision Tapping
  • Over-torque protection available in certain models
  • No-hole protection available in certain models
  • Air or Hydraulic rapid advance available
  • Various motor mounting configurations and drives available
  • Many spindle options including piloted slot spindles for multiple spindle head application

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Servo Controlled Ballscrew Units

 Model 8701 Ballscrew Feed Unit
Model 8701 Ballscrew Feed Unit
Reprogram with the touch of a button. It's the latest in servo technology. No more setting switches for peck drilling, no more changing lead screws when changing tap sizes. We offer a complete control package for these units.

  • Up to 4500# of thrust
  • Up to 35 IPS rapid travel speeds
  • Programmable for almost any application
  • Peck feed, drap, tap, drill, ream, skip feed, etc.
  • AC, DC and Servo motor available on the spindle motor
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