Unit does not cycle PDF Print E-mail

Probable Cause



No or low air pressure. Air not turned on. Correct - Adjust per Eng. Data Bul.
Regulator connected backwards. Correct.
Air line too small or too many bends or fittings. Correct.
Directional valve does not actuate. Check solenoid for continuity and valve spool to see if it is worn or frozen in position. Add proper Lub. to air line - grease "O" rings when replacing. Replace solenoid. Repair or replace valve.
Air leaks. Air leaks around fitting. Tighten or replace.
No electric power to control circuit. Make sure electric system is on. Check fuses. (Solenoid valve action is audible.) Correct.
Switches and/or valves not being actuated. Levers, cam bars and/or poppet pin adjustment. (Air leaks around valves indicate defective parts.) Readjust - Ref. Eng. Data Bul., Cam Bar Bul., and Lever Bul.
Feed Rate Adjustments at Manifold closed. Make sure feed rate adjustments are open 4 or 5 turns. Adjust - Ref. Eng. Data Bul.