Spindle rapid advances beyond setting of advance rapid travel length adjustment PDF Print E-mail

Probable Cause



Air in hydraulic system. Check for oil leaks around body of unit. Reseal leaking area or return to factory for repair.
Seal on quill piston in cylinder assembly is worn or broken. Complete lack of control of spindle travel. Replace piston seal. Ref. Cylinder Assy. Bul.
Hydraulic piston section retaining ring in cylinder assembly, loose or broken. Complete lack of control of spindle travel. Oil leaks into drive shaft area. Replace - Ref. Cylinder Assy. Bul.
Advance plunger assembly in manifold sticks due to defective "O" rings. Plunger movement should follow lever movement. Replace "O" ring or complete assembly - Ref. Manifold Assy. Bul.
Oil too heavy in hydraulic system. 40 to 100 viscosity (light) hydraulic oil recommended. Drain and refill by cycling unit. Ref. Bul. 21085-00.
Dirt in advance plunger valve assembly in manifold. Remove and inspect valve for dirt. Clean and reinstall. Ref. Manifold Assy. Bul.