Directional valve at hydraulic pump operates but spindle does not retract PDF Print E-mail

Probable Cause



Tool or spindle binding in external support. Disengage tool and/or loosen bracket containing support. Realign and cycle.
Low hydraulic supply pressure. Hydraulic pressure should be between 300 and 500 psi. Regulate.
Plunger valve assembly on retract side of manifold closed. Turn retract cam bar knob to make lever arm depress plunger of plunger valve assembly. If plunger does not depress, reset cam follower or lever arm on lever assembly. Ref. Lever Assy. Bul.
Retract feed rate adjustment in manifold is closed. Turn retract feed rate knob counterclockwise to open. Adjust.
Drive shaft and spindle coupling bind. Remove spindle assembly and check spline tube for metal build-up. File drive spline and spline tube for free slip movement. Lubricate.