Hause Hydraulic "A" and "J" Models
Maintenance Procedures for Hause Hydraulic Power Feed Units (Models "A" and "J")




Spindle Condition of bearings. Test for proper adjustment - by hand. Replace bearings or remove assembly for adjustment of nut (apply small preload with nut) by hand.
Dry bearing resulting from excessive coolant wash or excessive high-speed. 12 months re-lubrication interval may extend life. (Push bearing spacer to one side. Fill cavity between bearings and spline tube with grease.)
Drive Shaft Bearings - same as spindle spline. No adjustment - tolerate some looseness. 12 months re-lubrication may extend life. (Same procedure as for spindle.)
Belted Drives Belts - check for noise and wear. Replace worn belts and/or tighten.
Pulleys - should be tight run concentric. Retighten pulleys on shafts.
Gear reductions - look for oil leaks. Repair or replace. Lubricate per manual instruction.
Listen for increased noise level from gears and bearings. Replace and/or lubricate.>

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If a breakdown occurs, our additional TROUBLESHOOTING AIDS may be helpful.

This information applies specifically to hydraulic, "A" and "J" models. Service manuals also cover most phases of repair work on these.