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Engineered Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence.


Engineered Solutions for Manufacturing Problems

Hause Machines provides a wide range of answers to complex engineering problems. Our customers turn to us for many different types of precision machine components and custom machines – our “engineered solutions” – to fulfill their need for production machines.

At Hause Machines, we understand your need for custom machines and machine components that will allow you to produce goods of the highest quality. And to achieve such “manufacturing excellence,” you need machine components that are accurate, reliable and durable. Machine components that produce exactly the same required result, time after time.

We know our customers operate in an extremely competitive environment – one in which product quality is an ever-expanding concept – a target that moves higher and higher through continuous improvement programs. That means our machine components can never be just “good enough.” They have to be capable of top-notch performance, no matter how far up the demands are ramped.

“Engineered solutions for manufacturing excellence” is also a succinct statement of the Hause vision. For us, it’s a constant reminder of our commitment to provide the best solutions, to stay aware of our customers’ needs, and to always search for new ways to be of service. It means we don’t rest on proven solutions alone, we strive for continuous improvement ourselves and seek out new technologies that will be of benefit to our customers.

Throughout this site, you’ll see a selection of these engineered solutions as well as a complete listing of our machine component offerings. We believe you’ll find a Hause component to fulfill your exact need. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, remember that Hause Machines can custom build many different types of components.

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