Dial Machines

Dial machines are the ultimate one piece flow.    Break up the necessary machining operations into smaller single station machining cells.  Use the dial indexing table to advance the parts through the stations one at a time.  This shortens to the cyle time to one operation plus indexing time.

174H 4-Station Dial Index Machine With Auto-Loader, Boring Units, Tapping Units, Part Marking and Auto-Loader

This machine runs various heavy construction hex nuts.  The feeder system brings the nuts to the load station where the machine picks and places 2 parts into the machine.  The nuts are bored and then tapped before being pin-stamped with the product and heat number prior to being unloaded into the customer’s hopper.

  • Feeder with auto-load
  • (2) Model 6495 hydraulic Holomatics with 10 HP AC spindle motors.
  • (2) 2288 Servo slides with 4” servo spindles
  • Tekno-for Pin stamping units.
  • 32” dial plate
  • Spectrum Feeder System

More at: nut bore and tap machine with pin stamp – YouTube

173H 6-Station Dial Index Machine With Robot Loader Roll Forming The Edge Of Garden Hose Nipples.

This little machine runs FAST.  With around a 1 second cycle, over 3000 pieces a hour are produced.  With integrated bowl feeder and robot load / unload, the operator is free to accomplish other tasks.


  • Bowl Feeder with robotic load / unload
  • Hause model 2497 Holomatic unit with drawbar actuated custom roller head.
  • Landis die head with Hause manufactured rollers.
  • Fibro cam style indexer
  • Air powered collet fixtures
  • 1 second cycletime

More at: Roll Forming Fitting – YouTube

124H 8-Station Dial Index Machine For Drilling And Tapping Chain Shackles

This machine has 5 machining stations, 1 loading, and 1 unloading.  Operator loads and actuates the machine, which then center drills, drills, and taps the chain shackles.  The machine also unloads the parts automatically and washes the fixture.

  • (5) Hause model 8604 servo ballscrew units
  • Pneumatic pick and place auto-unloader
  • Fibro Servo indexer
  • Custom double jaw self-centering vises.

178H 4-Station Oil Filter Tapping Machine With Robots

Although this machine only has (1) machining station, it produces a lot of parts.  It taps (4) oil filter plates at a time, and with auto-load and unload, (1) operator can easily run (2) machines. The robots find the holes in the parts, and then load the parts over pins in the fixtures to keep them from rotating.

Spectrum feeder:

  • (2) Scara style robots with spring-loaded pneumatic grippers
  • (16) fixtures
  • (1) Hause model 8604 2-axis tapping unit with a 4-spindle head
  • (1) cam style indexer
  • (1) Scara-style robot with (4) pneumatic grippers unload the machine.

More at: Oil Filter Tapping Machine – YouTube

114H Dial Machine with Saw, Broach, and Drill for AR-15 Triggers with feeder

This machine has quite a bit going on.  A bowl feeder sorts the parts and a pneumatic pick and place loads them into the dial machine.  The triggers are then broached for the sear edge, saw cut, drilled, reamed and have a endmill make a spring pocket.  These are then auto-unloaded. 



  • Bowl Feeder with sound enclosure
  • Pneumatic Pick and place
  • (2) jaw self-centering fixture
  • Broaching station
  • Saw stations
  • Drill station
  • Ream station
  • Mill Station