Machine Components

Hause has many of the tools required to fulfill your specific requirements, already designed. Our standard self-feed heads, slides, and spindles can be used for a variety of applications. Pre-designed (i.e. lower cost, quicker delivery), yet high quality and backed by our guarantee and warranty. As the major supplier of machine-building components, Hause has developed a number of ready-to-go machining modules. These components are available with a limited number of choices (motor size, rpm, spindle nose.) If one of these does not fit the bill for your application, We specialize in designing a module that will work for your application.

Quill Unit

Quill Units: Servo, Hydraulic, Air-Hydraulic, Leadscrew, and Pneumatic

Drill, Ream, Counterbore, Tap. These units are used for all types of end work type machining like drilling holes and finishing them, in steel, aluminum, stainless, cast iron, brass, etc. The link below will direct you to the quill units page for further information including specs, catalog pages, and CAD data.

Slide Machine Component

Slides: Servo Positioning, Servo Machining, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic with Ball Ways, Roller Ways, or Square Ways

Move fixtures or move machining units. These slides are used to move things around. They can be ball-screw driven for programmability, or hydraulic with a feed valve. The link below will direct you to the slides page for further information including specs, catalog pages, and CAD data.

Spindle Machine Component

Spindles: Heavy Boring and Milling Units and Other Heavier Applications

Either turning the part or turning the tool, these heavy-duty spindles get things turning. There’s a list of standard machining spindles, and many custom-designed spindles with integrations like MQL, tool changers, and coolant through the spindle. Paired together with a slide, it makes a great machining module. The link below will direct you to the spindles page for further information including specs, catalog pages, and CAD data.

Multiple Spindle Heads

Multiple Spindle Heads

Patterns. Multiple spindle heads mounted to the front of a Quill unit, a slide with a motor, or retrofitting an old NATCO drill press, these custom-designed or off-the-shelf adjustable heads are great for putting multiple holes into a part at once. The link below will direct you to the multiple spindle head page for further information including specs, catalog pages, and CAD data.

Fixtures Machine Components


Holding the part steady during machining helps eliminate chatter, holding it by the datums and still allowing the machining is sometimes a challenge. In hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual, the fixture is the key to getting a quality part.

base and fabrication pic

Everything Else


Fabrications and Custom Machining

Solid machine bases, standard columns, custom risers, stress relieved and machined to your requirements. Black oxide, paint, or just primer? Fabricated and machined to your print or have an engineer design just what you need.


Center drill/chamfer? Yes. ID / OD Chamfer? Yes. Custom inserts? No problem. Also custom drills, PCD, coatings, and other specials. Replacement collets, end effectors, grippers, all fall under our “tooling” category.


Do you need a pre-programmed panel to run any of the above components? Maybe a stand-alone control panel to be retrofitted into an existing line. We can also build to print if you have the engineers to design a control panel.

Special Machines

OK, maybe you want the whole thing. Our engineers design and build entire machines, cells, or systems integrating everything from robots, washers, conveyors, and feeder systems. The link below will take you to the machine systems page where we discuss the various styles of machines.