Everything Else


There are hundreds of accessories available for the Hause Ballscrew and Holomatic self-feed quill style units. Pictures of some of them are shown to the left.  Gear reductions, belt housings, spindle and quill supports, coolant through the spidle are just some of them.  We assemble each unit specifically per the application after working through the details with the customer. And if you do not see the specific accessory, please Contact Us, as we have many, many more available, already designed, or we will design the perfect accessory to fullfil you machining needs.


Hause Machines fabricates standard and special risers, weldment risers, vertical columns and machine bases.  Our standard risers and columns vary in size and shape for use with our Holomatic® units.  Specially fabricated risers and columns are also manufactured for use with Holomatic® units, powered slides or other components, and are engineered for the optimum in rigidity and quality.  Some standard machine bases are available in sizes of 24” X 24”, 13” X 48”, 13” X 72”, 44” round and 56” round on full cabinet with 1” keyways.  Specially designed bases are quoted on a per application basis. And if you do not see a specific size, or need something completely custom, please Contact Us, as we will design the base, riser, or column to fullfil you needs.


Our control panels are designed, built, and programmed in-house. We have some pre-packaged designs based on our most popular components, or we can custom design a system to fit your needs.

Cutting Tools

Becasue we do specials, we are always working with special cutters as well.  Combination center drill / spot face tools, ID / OF Chamfer tools, hollow mills, combination facemill / center drill, just to name a feaw.


As we have a full manufacturing facility, we are able to build to print those typical tooling and replacement parts for existing machines.  To the left are some of the “job shop” type parts we have made for out customers.