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Hause Machines provides a wide range of answers to complex engineering problems. Our customers turn to us for many different types of precision components and machines – our “engineered solutions” – to fulfill their need for productive machines.

At Hause, we understand your need for components that will allow you to produce goods of the highest quality. And to achieve such “manufacturing excellence,” you need components that are accurate, reliable and durable. Components that produce exactly the same required result, time after time.

We know our customers operate in an extremely competitive environment – one in which product quality is an ever-expanding concept – a target that moves higher and higher through continuous improvement programs. That means our components can never be just “good enough.” They have to be capable of top-notch performance, no matter how
far up the demands are ramped.

“Engineered solutions for manufacturing excellence” is also a succinct statement of our company’s vision. For us, it’s a constant reminder of our commitment to provide the best solutions, to stay aware of our customers’ needs and to always search for new ways to be of service. It means we don’t rest on proven solutions alone, we strive for continuous improvement ourselves and seek out new technologies that will be of benefit to our customers.

Throughout this site, you’ll see a selection of these  engineered solutions as well as a complete listing of our component offerings. We believe you’ll find a Hause component to fulfill your exact need. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, remember that Hause can custom build many different types of components.


In 1933 Ralph Hause and A.C. Brammer formed a partnership and called it “Hause Valve Company” to manufacture valves used in underground oil well equipment. In the following ten-year period, the product line was expanded to include complete oil well pump assemblies with the trademark “Moroil”.

After the death of A.C. Brammer in 1940, his son Eugene in 1942, and a fire which destroyed the plant in 1943, the manufacture of oil field equipment was discontinued. The plant was partially rebuilt and operated by Ralph Hause as a sole proprietorship, doing production machine work to order. The Hause Valve Company was incorporated in 1947 and
continued to expand its facilities for production machine work.

Development of the present “Holomatic” product line was started in 1952 and a second company “Hause Machines, Inc.” was organized in 1953 and incorporated in 1957 to market this equipment. The term “Holomatic” is a registered trade name that identifies the patented power feed unit design principles. These units are used to drive a wide variety of end working tools in manufacturing. The capacity, range and versatility of this concept has made possible the
development and sale of complete production machines.

After the death of Ralph Hause in 1976, Hause Machines, Inc. was owned and operated by eight shareholders. Because a number of these eight shareholders were approaching retirement, they decided to collectively sell their shares and put Hause Machines, Inc. under new ownership.

In July of 1987, James Smythe of Toledo acquired the majority interest in
Hause Machines, Inc. After 18 years of ownership, Mr. Smythe decided to sell the machine
tool business and devote more time to his security business.

James Fruchey and Robert Brubaker, both existing employees of the
company, purchased the assets of Hause Machines, Inc. in July of 2005.

Mr. Fruchey was then the CEO and Mr. Brubaker the GM, continued the history of specialty machine and Holomatic units.

In 2015, Mr. Fruchey retired, and his portion of the company was purchased by Mr. Brubaker.  The
company will continue to operate as Hause Machines to maintain the 89 year history of quality products at a reasonable price. Since that time, the company has expanded its offerings to include automation, job shop machining, and other specialty machines.

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