Gantry Machines

Some parts don’t lend themselves to rotary transfers and sometimes you just need the gantry to load and unload the machine.  Gantries lift the part and transfer from one machining station to another.  At Hause, we’ve built gantry machines for brake rotors, tubes, and drive yokes. The gantries pick a part from an incoming conveyor and place them into the machines.  No operator required.

930H Four Station Wheel Hub Drill, Ream and Tapping Machine With Gantry Transfer

This machines takes a large steel wheel hub directly from the incoming conveyor, rotates the part into the on-car position, gantry transfers the part to be drilled and reamed for the lug holes.  It also adds in two drilled and tapped holes for assembly / shipping purposes.  We’ve built these machines for wheel hubs and brake rotors.

  • 40 HP spindle motor
  • 6-spindle multiple spindle drill head
  • 20” servo slide
  • 2 model 8604 drilling / tapping units.
  • Custom hydraulic fixture
  • Air-blow off

164H Ten Station Tube Machining Gantry With Lathe Spindle, Cross Drill, Two Axis Milling And Auto-Loading

This machine runs ten different part numbers.  The tube vary from 12”to 36” in length and ½”to 1 ½” diameters.  With many of the same machining features, setting up a gantry transfer to various machining stations was the best option. This machine has an auto-load (from a chute), bores the tube, mills a notch in both ends, sands the outside for glue to be applied, cross drills up to 30+ holes, and blows chips from the interior, all in about 20 seconds per part.

  • 2-axis lathe spindle
  • 2-axis milling spindle
  • 10 spindle cross drilling head
  • Custom OD sanding station.
  • Air-blow off
  • Incorporated vacuum system for chip removal.

827H Drill and Ream brake rotor Gantry Machine with auto-load and auto-unload.

This machine picks the brake rotor up from an incoming conveyor, turns them to “on-car” position, drills and reams the wheel pattern, blows out the vents, and places the rotor back onto a conveyor.


  • 30HP Drill Motor
  • Custom Multiple Spindle Head
  • 20 HP Ream Motor
  • Customer Multiple Spindle Head
  • Gantry Transfer