These units are used for heavier machining, for longer strokes, or for moving stuff around. Hause offers a selection of pre-designed square way slides as machining units. These can be pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo feed. If a pre-designed unit doesn’t work for your application, contact us with the requirements and we will design a customer ball way or roller way slide to work.

Squareway Servo Ballscrew Slide

Squareway Slides

Pre-Designed with just a couple of options. These are offered in pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo powered. With or without switches, with or without covers. We can machine the saddle to fit, pre-machine the motor mount, and make other modifications to suit your particular needs.

Servo Ballscrew Unit

Ballway or Rollerway Slides

Designed per your specific needs. These are offered in pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo powered. Completely custom. You choose the size and pitch of the screw, or we determined based on the project. 35mm, 50mm, or larger ways.

Servo Ballscrew Unit

Combination Units

Unique for your application, we can combine slides, columns, and units, spindles, MSH’s, etc. These are custom-designed, so please contact us with your application.