Trunnion Machines

A trunnion machine is a rotary transfer machine with multiple fixtures and multiple machining stations where the part goes around the indexer like a Ferris wheel instead a merry-go-round style dial machine.  These machines are perfect for working on both ends of a part at the same time.  They represent having multiple double end machines all tied together.  Hause has designed and built many trunnion machines for high volume production parts like door hinges, turn buckles, and transmission shafts.  We have also built them with much needed flexibility to run a family of parts like eye bolt, eye nuts, and rod eyes. 

181H Eight Station Trunnion For measuring and facing tubes to length

Stepping conveyor loading accepts parts from a swedging machine.  The overhead gantry loads the part into the 3-point clamping, self-centering vise.  The LVDT measures the overall length ofthe tubes.  The 15HP spindles with HSK spindle nose uses speciaty milling cutters to machine up to 1 1/2″ off the length of the tube. The final station performs a small clean up cut and chamfers the tubes.  The exit gantry unloads the parts to a stepping conveyor that feeds the welding robot.


  • (8) model FD15S-180 servo ballscrew units
  • HSK 63 spindle noses
  • 15 HP spindle motors
  • Overhead gantry load / unload
  •  Hydraulic 3-point self-centering fixture 
  •  No Coolant (dry machining)
trunion pic

858H Four Station Trunnion For Facing, Chamfering And Cross Drill A Tube

With only 2 or 3 machining operations required, a simple trunnion allows for the ID and OD chamfering, face machining the overall length, and cross drilling a ¼” hole in the tube.  Accessing the part in 3 directions is a big plus on the trunnion machines

  •  4-station trunnion style indexer
  •  Hydraulic 2-jaw self-centering clamps
  •  (4) FD62-100 Hydraulic drilling units
  •  5 HP AC spindle motors
  •  Coolant system and chip conveyor
  •  Chute fed automatic load            

856H Eight Station Trunnion For Shaft Machining

With 6 machining station per end, a lot of work can be accomplished on these trunnion machines. With the double wall construction, meaning on the spindle nose is in the machining and the motors, switch etc. are outside of the machine, chip accumulation is not a problem.  We have used this basic design for slip yokes, turn buckles and transmission shafts.  Add a optional gantry style loader and you have a high-volume, low-labor machine.

  • 10 machining spindles FD15S-120 servo units
  • 10 HP AC spindle motors
  • HSK 50 spindle nose
  • Coolant through the spindle
  • Servo indexer with hydraulic clamping
  • Magnetic or flighted chip conveyor

965H Eight Station Trunnion For Machining Brass Fire Sprinkler Heads

Palletized conveyor with robotic load and unload, this machine produces a sprinkler head every 2.5 seconds.  It completes an OD turning, OD taper pipe thread, taper ream, u-axis machining (programmable), drilling and tapping.  We added an automatic feeder and a robot to load the conveyor.  This machine produces 10,000 parts per shift.

  • 6 model 8604 servo ballscrew units
  • 4 model 8704 servo ballscrew units
  • Custom Delvieg spindle noses
  • 5-10 HP spindle motors
  • (2) 2-spindle drilling / tapping heads
  •  Programmable u-axis unit with Komet head
  •  Hydraulic 2-jaw fixture with custom jaws
  •  200 gallon coolant system

905H Eight Station Trunnion For Machining Transmission Shafts

Mill Station and 4 machining station per side.  

  • 4 FD15-15o servo ballscrew units
  • through the tool coolant
  • 15 HP AC spindle motors (optional servo for tapping)
  • (2) 15 HP AC milling spindles.
  • Bag Filters
  • Chip COnveyor
  • 120 gallon coolant system