Vertical Machines

Hause Machines has designed and built hundreds of vertical machines. We often start with our “Basic Vertical Machine”, an untooled version with no fixture, and modify to suit. We also offer fully custom vertical machines. Not wanting to spend the money on a 4 or 5 axis machine but still, need to get to the one odd ball hole? An inexpensive vertical machine might be the ticket. The machining unit could be servo, dual servo, hydraulic, air, or leadscrew for tapping.

Basic Vertical Machines

Basic Verticals: Servo, Hydraulic, Air-Hydraulic, Leadscrew, and Pneumatic

Everything you need to build your own custom vertical machine. The machining unit, a column, base, coolant system, hydraulic system (optional), and control package with a basic manual and automatic controls of the unit and fixture. Add your fixture and tools and you are ready to go.

  • 24″ sq. fixture mounting area
  • 54″ vertical column
  • 3/8″ pneumatic FRL and (2) valves
  • 20-gallon coolant system
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC
  • 6″ HMI
Custom Servo Vertical Machine

123H Custom Vertical Servo Machine for Removing Plastic Coating on Steel Parts

Glycote on steel parts needed to be removed prior to putting the parts back into the lathe.  Hause solutions use a vertical machine and a servo unit to sense when the cutter was through the plastic.  Custom part fixture, custom cutter, customer machine. For other custom machine needs, contact Hause Machines

  • 24″ ballscrew slide
  • Cat 40 spindle
  • 5 HP AC Spindle motor
  • Allen Bradley PLC and HMI
  • Automotive manufacturer
  • No Coolant system, vacuum chip collector

135H Custom Vertical Machine with multiple spindle head

The customer sent in an obsolete vertical machine to have re-tooled for reaming thru holes in cast iron plates. A combination of used components and new made this an automatic feed machine. For other custom machine needs, contact Hause Machines

  • 6″ Stroke Hydraulic quill style unit (6695)
  • 10HP AC spindle motor
  • 6-spindle multiple spindle head
  • 11-gallon coolant system.
  • Parts for heavy equipment.
  • Video of this machine in action

125H Custom Vertical Machine with (2) Servo Tapping Units.

The customer already had the fixtures for this self-feeding servo tapping machine. Hause design a new layout with 2-axis ballscrew unit. For other custom machine needs, contact Hause Machines

  • 3″ stroke dual-axis servo ballscrew units (2)
  • 24″ x 42″ table
  • Customer provided an auto-feed fixture
  • Parts for electrical fittings