Everything Else

Custom Lathe

This customer needed a custom lathe with a milling spindle to groove the OD of a 8″ diameter fire hydrant stand.  Hause designed and built this automatic feed lathe.  Infeed and outfeed conveyors, 5 HP milling spindle mills the OD as the pipe turns.  

Custom Mill

This customer needed a large over-arm mill to cut slots in the edges of snow plow blades.  Hause designed and built this custom mill.  With a 50 HP milling spindle, t-slotted table, customer provided hydraulic vises, and rod-locks for additional stability.

Knurling Machine

This customer makes brass garden hose ends.  They stamp the cups.  Hause integrated the bowl feeders, designed and built a knurling machine and a high speed tapping machine.  Completely automatic, the tapping machine accepts parts from (2) tracks and the Hause leadscrew tapping units with servo motors, tap the 3/4″ threads.

Portable Boring Machine

This customer made 10,000 engine shipping crates, each with space for (3) engines.  Unfortunately, due to a design change, the engines wouldn’t fit.  Hause Designed and built a portable boring machine that would clamp into the crate, mimicking an engine, bore out the required holes.